Cold Trucks are gas fueled pickup trucks fitted with custom boxes for vending cold, pre-packed foods and other convenience food items. Many are also equipped with propane tanks for heating coffee urns and occasionally, steam tables.


The industry began in Texas began with cold trucks when Industrial Catering was established in 1955. During this time, commissaries had production facilities for the manufacture of food products to be sold on the trucks. The convenience of mobile catering service was appealing to both companies and their employees because it reduced the time and costs associated with interruptions to their work schedule, and a single lease operator could service up to 350 customers each day.



Hot Trucks are gas-fueled, custom-manufactured mobile kitchens equipped with propane tanks for heating coffee urns, steam tables, warming ovens, flat griddles, and deep fryers.


Essentially, they contain all of the elements of a kitchen, including prep-tables, sinks, and pantry storage. These vehicles were introduced to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in the late 1990’s and have grown in popularity along with the demand for fresh, made-to-order meals.


The typical Hot Truck is operated by a driver who hires a cook, truck was attendant, and other helpers to assist with the demands of their route, which may service anywhere from 250 customers daily.


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